Areas of Strength

  • Versatile Fitness Trainer

  • Nutrition Plans

  • Group Fitness Plans and Boot Camps

  • Special Population Specialist (Elderly, Youth and Pregnant/Postpartum Clients)

  • Exercise and Aerobic Programs
  • Women’s Health and Wellness

  • Strength and Weight Training

  • Former Track Athlete

  • Effective Custom Exercise Programs

  • Flexibility Training

  • Efficient In Improving Self-Efficacy and Teaching Clients To Overcome Barriers

Bianca Rochelle


At Ultraviolet Body Wellness, you will work with an energetic, knowledgeable personal trainer with extensive experience designing and monitoring fitness programs to accommodate your needs and requirements. Your trainer is results oriented, with a passion for creating programs that improve fitness, increase stamina and develop healthy living styles and a sense of well-being. I am able to motivate and inspire clients regardless of physical fitness level and abilities, encouraging habits that are life changing. Complete, accurate and thorough assessments to interpret physical data designed for the purpose of creating fitness and nutrition plans that maximize efficiency and lifetime results.